The Disability Tax Credit is a non-refundable tax credit available to all Canadians that suffer with an impairment in one of the following areas:

Speaking, Hearing, Walking, Elimination (bowel or bladder functions), Feeding, Dressing, or Mental Functions necessary for everyday life and Life Sustaining Therapy.

The impairment has to have lasted for a continuous period of at least twelve months and must meet criteria set forth from Canada Revenue Agency based on the information provided from a qualified Medical Practitioner.

This credit can be retroactively claimed for the previous ten years.

Based on the information you provide to us and our many years of experience, we will know what your chances are of successfully retrieving you a refund.

There is a misconception within the public that “ Disability “ means you are completely disabled; i.e in a wheelchair or bedridden, this is not factual at all.

A phone call to us is free and all your questions can be answered by simply calling us.

Our fees are based on the success of your file. When you receive a refund from Canada Revenue Agency is when your fees become due for the services we have provided to you.

****In some cases people may owe money to Canada Revenue Agency or another government related department. If this is the case, Canada Revenue Agency will often apply your refund to your outstanding debt. In this case our fees would be applicable because without our services, your debt would not have been reduced.

What if I don’t get a refund or for some reason my application is denied? What are the fees I will owe for your services?There will be no fees applicable to you at all if you do not receive a refund or benefit from our services.

Anywhere from 8 weeks to 16 weeks on average.

In some situations, Canada Revenue Agency may request additional information from your medical practitioner to ensure a positive final outcome for you or we may appeal a decision that Canada Revenue Agency has made on your file. In these circumstances the timing is not within our control. It will depend on your medical practitioner and Canada Revenue Agency.

We still encourage you to call us. Although your taxes may have been filed by you, a friend, a family member or an accountant; many medical and disability related credits can be overlooked. This is our specialty and a free comprehensive review of your personal situation may result in an unexpected refund.

Call us now for your free consultation.

We don’t charge you a fee unless we find you missed credits and additional refunds.

We have had people that have come to us that have been denied before. We have been successful in getting many of these people approved.
What if my mother, father, sister, brother or other family member has passed away and they suffered from a Medical Condition?

If it was within the last ten years, there is a possibility of retrieving a refund on behalf of your loved one.

There is no age limit to get this credit as long as all the criteria is met.
If so please call us. You may be entitled to a government refund.